Learning to Heal Without Chemicals

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Did you know you can heal yourself without chemicals? In America pharmaceutical drugs are advertised constantly. Every other commercial or ad on the internet has a push for drugs. There is a drug for your ailment and then a drug for the other drug's side effects. Its a never ending cycle of chemical treatment. However, it is not the only or most practical way. There is a huge difference of medical approach between the West and the East. Western medicine practitioners tend to focus on treating symptoms. Western doctors will ask the patient a series of questions to diagnose the patient's illness or disease. While Eastern health practitioners tend to find the root of the illness or disease. Eastern medicine focuses on mind, body and spirit approach for true healing. While, Western medicine does work the chemicals can be very powerful. So powerful, that they can cause undesirable side effects. Because of the negative side effects more and more Westerners are beginning to seek alternative medicine. Alternative medicine offers a wide range of benefits without the worries of side effects. Alternative medicine is often discredited in the West. Which is not surprising, especially since the pharmaceutical market rakes in billions of dollars each year. Why would they want you to completely heal? Does a street dealer take his customers to rehab? Some companies stay rich if Americans stays sick.

Today we have so many resources and information at our fingertips. Research for yourself. Find a great Alternative practitioner to safely assist you with your healing journey. It takes time to heal with Alternative therapies but, it's worth it in in the long run. Chemical medications can be so harsh on the organs and body. The more we educate ourselves we will make wiser choices.

Examples of Alternative Medicine:


Small needles are strategically inserted into specific points on the body to help regulate the body's ability to heal itself through stimulation. Acupuncture helps to resolve imbalances in the body that may cause disease. Acupuncture is highly recommended.


Is a manual therapy technique that is used to relieve pain, muscle tension, increase blood circulation and promotes deep relaxation.


Treatment focuses on gathering information of all areas of your life from personal, medical, diet, profession conditions, exercise, relationships and mental health. This is done to determine where the imbalance is to determine a treatment plan. The treatment is to balance the patients doshic (energy) imbalance to allow the body to heal itself. The practitioner may change the diet of the patient, offer Ayurvedic massage, Shirodhara (medicated oil), meditation and yoga.

Reiki: Energy Healing where the practitioner connects to universal energy by placing their hands on or hovering above the patient. Stagnant energy within the body can clear out to promote self-healing. Energy blocks can manifest as pain, digestive upset, depression, tightness in shoulders, mood swings, hormonal imbalances and tightness in chest. Reiki helps clear the stagnant energy and therefore the patient feels relaxed and relieved. Reiki can help with pain management, sleep and mood. Also, with Reiki you can continue with other medical treatments. Reiki is great for post-surgery by accelerating the healing process. Reiki is highly recommended.


A system that utilizes natural remedies to treat diseases or prevent them by controlling the diet, using herbs, exercise, massage, Reiki & acupuncture and detoxification. The entire body is treated naturally for well being.

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