Healing Stones


Patient Feedback

Very intuitive! Identified areas for healing that only I knew about. I felt relaxed and totally cared for. Highly recommend her reiki service!

Tish M.

Lynette is an exceptionally gifted healer. You can feel the passion through her hands, and she is extremely knowledgeable about energy healing, the chakras, and even has helped me with manifestation practices. As a Reiki practitioner myself, it is always wonderful to meet other Reiki practitioners that are warm, friendly, inviting, and just overall deeply passionate about their work. Lynette is an exceptional choice for not only healing, but Reiki lessons as well. She is a great teacher and wants the best for her students, from the beginning of the journey until the end. She's very communicative and stayed in contact with me after giving me an Attunement, which was greatly appreciated so much. I highly, highly recommended Right Path Reiki.

Melody B.

My reiki experience was excellent. Once the therapy session was complete I felt completely relaxed and tranquil. Lynette was very professional and skilled. I would highly recommend the Reiki by Lynette!!!

After receiving Reiki from her my sad negative energy was lifted. Afterwards I felt so refreshed. My mom is suffering from a form of dementia & hadn't eaten in a few days. The day she received Reiki she was crying and having a bad day overall. However, after receiving Reiki from her my mom ate dinner and her mood became positive. It was amazing.

Renee B.

I had a sprained ankle which would have normally taken weeks to heal. I was back to normal in 5 days I highly recommend this form of treatment.


I must say that my experience was AWESOME!!! I had been experiencing a lot of pain in my body. I wasn’t getting answers. I decided to try Reiki. Best decision EVER!!! I was a little skeptical with my 1st experience until I could feel the energy flowing!!! My pain went away & I'm feeling so much better!!! I would encourage people to try Reiki!!! Go get your Reiki Healing!!! It’s all energy & you can feel it instantly!!! Right Path Reiki is the way to go!!! She was so professional & showed so much compassion for me & my healing!!! Thank you Right Path Reiki!!!

Clarice P.

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